Ella Rose Portrait Arts | Sterling | 9 days old

Sterling | 9 days old

April 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This sweet little girl at 9 days old

was a perfect model for the newborn class I was teaching.

I have never thought about teaching before but I have had a few request so I decided to go for it.

Teaching is very intimidating and my nerves go about 90 mph

You feel so honored that someone wants to learn from you but in the same moment you feel so unworthy and not good enough.

Everyday I struggle to be better than I was yesterday and I probably put too much pressure on myself

but I am competing with photographers all over

who are so much cheaper.

Photographers who are just doing it as a side job or who have families with two incomes.

So I have put so much thought into my business and I am raising a family on my own

and to feel like I am worth every penny 

I strive so hard to be the best

to learn from photographers who are world renowned artist

and bring that beautiful craft here to small town.

So when someone wants to learn from me, I want to believe that I am starting to make a difference.

I dont want to be a photographer who just takes your babies photos, anyone can take a photo, I want to create something beautiful and artful.

Baby as Art!


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