Ella Rose Portrait Arts | Emerson | 5 days old

Emerson | 5 days old

February 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This beautiful little girl came to the studio at 5 days old.

I loved the colors Mom had picked out for her room and knew this session was going to be so bright and colorful.

Emerson did such a wonderful job despite the little tummy ache she had.

She gave us some very beautiful smiles.

When babies come in with tummy aches, you really don't know until you start posing them. 

They tend to be very sensitive to being on their tummy so you have to make adjustments to the whole session

and do what baby feels most comfortable doing.

Once we made the adjustments she did amazing.

So if you are a new photographer shooting newborns and come across a baby that doesnt settle,

the most important thing is to stay very calm and relaxed and keep Mom informed about what is going on

so Mom can stay calm and relaxed.

All babies are NOT the same and that is ok. It happens quite often.

It is the Newborn photographer's job to make sure you only do what baby feels comfortable doing

and not pushing baby to pose on a prop just so you can get a shot to show off on Facebook.

This is why choosing a photographer who specializes in newborns is highly important.

The decision should be more important than choosing a wedding photographer.

You pay thousands of dollars choosing the right wedding photographer to capture your special day,

well that same care should go into choosing a newborn photographer.

You are putting the most precious life in someone else's hands.

This is not where you should save a buck.

This is the most beautiful investment you will ever make <3


Thank you so much to Mom for letting me be Emerson's photographer.




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